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or Paste from clipboard (Ctrl + v)
hsv(0°, 0%, 100%)
Record the color you click.

Image Color Picker (RGB, HSV)

Gets the color of the selected image file or the image pasted from the clipboard. RGB, HEX, HSV.

  • If the image is larger than 1920 x 1080, it will be reduced.
  • IE cannot paste from the clipboard.
  • The color space converter is here.
  • This tool does not communicate. This site does not collect input values.


The three primary colors of light (Red, Green, Blue) are mixed to express the color. It is used in displays and the like. It is an easy-to-understand expression for machines.


Hue (color type), Saturation (vividness), and Value (brightness) are used to express colors. It is an easy-to-understand expression for humans.

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