Image Color Picker (RGB, HSV)

or Drop image
or Paste from clipboard (Ctrl + v)
hsv(0°, 0%, 100%)
Record the color you click.

Gets the color of the selected image file or the image pasted from the clipboard. RGB, HEX, HSV.

  • If the image is larger than 1920 x 1080, it will be reduced.
  • IE cannot paste from the clipboard.
  • The color space converter is here.
  • This tool does not communicate. This site does not collect input values.
日本語 / English


The three primary colors of light (Red, Green, Blue) are mixed to express the color. It is used in displays and the like. It is an easy-to-understand expression for machines.


Hue (color type), Saturation (vividness), and Value (brightness) are used to express colors. It is an easy-to-understand expression for humans.

Hirota Yano / Programmer
Born in 1988, based in Japan.