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Short URL

A tool for shortening long URLs on Amazon product pages (Just remove the unwanted characters from the official URL. It is not a URL shortening service.).

  • You can enter multiple URL separated by line breaks.
  • This tool does not communicate. This site does not collect input values.
日本語 / English

Amazon URL is too long.

I am dizzy.

The cause is that the URL includes the product name and search word. So you can open the page even if you delete most of the characters. Let’s decipher the URLs in order.

URI scheme and Domain

Don’t erase.

Product name


All unnecessary. delete.



Don’t erase. “B07F7TLZF4” is the number that identifies the item.

“/dp/” part is the format of the product page URL. At the time of writing, there were 4 patterns, so I made it possible to freely select by “format”. No matter which one you choose, the products you open are the same.

  1. /gp/product/B07F7TLZF4/
    The official URL format at the time of writing.
  2. /dp/B07F7TLZF4/
    URL format for inflow from search engines.
  3. /exec/obidos/ASIN/B07F7TLZF4/
    Old URL format. It seems to work even now, but it’s safer not to use it.
  4. /o/ASIN/B07F7TLZF4/
    3 abbreviated URL format. It is safer not to use this either.

Search history information


All unnecessary. delete.

Let’s delete unnecessary characters

This is like this.

My dizziness has healed.

Hirota Yano / Programmer
Born in 1988, based in Japan.