Random Password Generator / Tool

Generates random passwords.

  • The tool uses as few of the same characters as possible in a single password.


Password length
Characters used
Symbols used
Characters that are hard to distinguish


Recommended settings

  • At least 8 characters.
  • Include numbers and symbols such as ”@”, ”%”, and "".
  • Include both upper and lower case letters.
  • Do not use simple words such as “1234”, “abcd”, or words straight from the dictionary.
  • Do not use your name, phone number, birthday, etc.
  • Set a different password for each service.
  • Do not use the same ID and password.
  • Do not tell your password to others.

Hirota Yano / Born in 1987. Programmer.
I am publishing a web tool I created as a hobby. It is free of charge, so please feel free to use it.