Naming Convention Converter / Tool

This is a tool to interconvert naming conventions used in programming.
Enter any naming convention

How to use this tool

  • Enter the string you wish to convert into the text area.
  • It automatically outputs all conversion results regardless of whether the input is in CamelCase, PascalCase, SnakeCase, or ChainCase notation.
  • Multiple naming rules can be entered and converted at once, separated by newlines.

What are naming conventions?

Naming conventions in programming are designed primarily to express word delimiters. Since general programming languages do not allow the use of single-byte spaces in variable and function names, it is necessary to express word delimiters in various ways.

Camel case

Also known as Lower CamelCase. Lower case at the beginning and capitalize the word separator.
e.g. camelCase

Pascal case

Also known as Upper CamelCase. Capitalize the beginning and word separator.
e.g. PascalCase

Snake case

No alias. Separate words with underscores. Use all lowercase for lowercase and all uppercase for uppercase.
e.g. snake_case, SNAKE_CASE

Chain case

Also known as a kebab case. A pain in the ass that won’t let you select it by double-clicking because it hyphenates words.
e.g. chain-case