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This is a tool for converting naming conventions used in programming to each other. Compatible with camel cases, pascal cases, snake cases, and chain cases.

  • You can enter multiple naming conventions separated by line breaks.
  • This tool does not communicate. This site does not collect input values.
日本語 / English

Camel case

Also known as lower camel case. Start with a lowercase and capitalize only word breaks.
e.g. camelCase

Pascal case

Also known as upper camel case. Start with a uppercase and capitalize only word breaks.
e.g. PascalCase

Snake case

Separate words with underscores. It’s a rival with camel case.
e.g. snake_case, SNAKE_CASE

Chain case

Separate words with hyphen. It Cannot be selected by double-clicking.
e.g. chain-case

Hirota Yano / Programmer
Born in 1988, based in Japan.